Country Roots Farm VA

Farm in Wytheville, VA

Farm Facts

Type: Honey, Free Range Eggs, Goat Milk, Hereford Cattle, & a variety of Fruits & Vegetables.

Years in operation: 6

Annual revenue: 10k-50k
(Average over last three years)


Country Roots Farm is a small 62 acre family farm that is located in the beautiful Appalachian mountains. We are a family of 6, working together to leave a story for future generations. Our little slice of heaven is home to dairy goats, Hereford cattle, chickens, honeybees, and several farm dogs & cats.

Inside the Farm

How is your approach to farming different than other farms in the same category?
Country Roots Farm was founded on a desire to promote healthy living & happiness. We care deeply for the environment & our community's, family, and friends well-being. Our animals are hormone and antibiotic-free, along with a view that aims to avoid the use of synthetic and harmful pesticides, and fertilizers. Finally, Our farm is active with the USDA's conservation easement program.

How does your different approach contribute to a long-term profitable growth strategy for your farm and other small farms like yours?
The future of farming is at the hands of the small farmer. We believe in farming practices that sustain healthy soil, water and air, and that will protect our environment.

How would you specifically use a Mortgage Lifter Lift or Mini Lift?
We would use the funds to help our 17 year old daughter achieve her goal for a Grade A goat dairy & creamery.

Please share why you are so passionate about your farm and/or farming in general.
There is nothing like living on a farm. It is a lifestyle that we are raising our children to believe that they can make a difference in our community and how to love and nurture our animals. Also, to do what you love and never give up on your dreams.

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