Spring Meadows Farm

Farm in Millerton , PA

Farm Facts

Type: Direct Marketing Vegetables and Pasture Raised Meat and Eggs

Years in operation: 9

Annual revenue: < 10k
(Average over last three years)


On this land since the early 1800's has been Spring Meadows Farm. First it was sheep, tobacco, and water powered grist and lumber mills. Then it became a small dairy. By the 1930 modern farming had put it out of business and declared the wet low land an the hilly up land making up the farm to be of no value. Today using a traditional approach of pasturing, manure for fertilizing the small amount of tillable land, milk from a small dairy herd instead of soy for raising pigs and chickens, and oxen for power high quality food is being produced for local enjoyment, health, and economic benefit.

Inside the Farm

How is your approach to farming different than other farms in the same category?
At Spring Meadows Farm tradition is see as a trial and error process that produced methods of farming that hold up to the ups and downs of farming in a way that surpasses science for making good science. Over hundreds of years farmers having to do what was most practical has lessons to teach that are far more rigorous than the scientific method. Each enterprise on the farm as an ecological niche that it fills creating a healthy farm making healthy food for the health of the customer.

How does your different approach contribute to a long-term profitable growth strategy for your farm and other small farms like yours?
By having enterprises that enhance nature and adding more of them so each can be at it's optimal size not the maximum size farm profits can have stable growth. Thus enhancing the wealth of the land that being the ability of the land to produce more income down the road. The opposite of resource exploitation.

How would you specifically use a Mortgage Lifter Lift or Mini Lift?
The financial help from this contest would help in smoothing out the bill that come from getting this abandoned land into production. In a word infrastructure.

Please share why you are so passionate about your farm and/or farming in general.
The land varies in soil, slope, forest cover, rainfall and in many other ways across this country. To take a particular landscape and leverage it's weakness to be advantages is a trill and gives me a connection to my satisfied customers that is very rewarding. Also I hope my work inspires others to see how land not fitting an ideal can be very productive.

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